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Portfolio management and asset management

We cover most traditional and non-traditional asset classes. We provide customized portfolio management and use external institutional asset managers chosen through a rigorous and ongoing selection process.

At Bloomridge, we empower our advisors to take charge and drive their own results within a supportive framework. Our culture of independence and entrepreneurial thinking allows our advisors to manage their investment process with autonomy and build custom portfolios for all clients. We enhance their success by providing access to cutting-edge resources and technology. Our commitment to risk management is unwavering, and we maintain a clear, transparent system that is tailored to the unique needs of each team and their investment strategies.

Traditional asset classes:
  • North American, European and International equities
  • Fixed income: bonds, preferred shares, debentures, term deposits and GICs, cash and cash equivalent.
  • Giant cap, large cap, mid cap and small caps, in Developed and Developing countries.
Non-traditional asset classes:
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Private real estate funds
  • Structured notes
Main partner banks and custodians

At Bloomridge, we believe in providing our clients with flexibility and control over their funds. This is why we partner with esteemed North American banks to securely hold our clients’ funds and provide access to their private banking services as needed. We partner with all major banks for financing, whether personal, business or capital markets for our clients. With Bloomridge, our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with entrusting their investments to a trusted financial institution while separating the service from the financial institution.

Wealth Management Consulting

At Bloomridge, we understand that wealth management is about more than investments and asset management. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of consulting services, including financial planning, financial projections, tax, estate & philanthropic planning as well as financial and cash management.

Our clients are at the center of everything we do, and we take a collaborative approach, working closely with them and their trusted advisors to ensure their assets are aligned with their values, causes, and priorities.

We believe that money is a powerful tool, and our mission is to help our clients use it in the most effective way possible to make a positive impact on their lives and in line with their most precious values.

Our portfolio and wealth management process is divided into five key steps:

  1. Discovery: We establish a deep understanding of each client’s financial goals, personal situation, and risk preferences.
  2. Analysis: We analyze our client’s financial situation, existing investments, and past investment strategies to determine potential opportunities and challenges.
  3. Strategy: We develop a custom investment strategy based on our client’s goals, financial situation, and risk preferences.
  4. Implementation: We implement the custom investment strategy and start monitoring performance.
  5. Reporting & monitoring: We provide regular performance reports on investments, as well as advice on market opportunities and necessary adjustments. We maintain frequent communication with clients to ensure their investment strategy remains aligned with their long-term financial and non financial goals.

Consolidated Reporting on all asset classes

We use cutting-edge technologies adopted by the largest financial institutions, family offices, and asset managers in the world, and offer our clients the privilege of using an ultra-secure platform used by the most influential families worldwide.

This ultra-secure portal allows our clients to view all their consolidated assets in one place, allowing a consolidated view of all assets within different banks, financial institutions, funds, and transcend traditional asset classes to include tangible and intangible assets such as real estate, shares in private or public companies, stock options, life-insurance policies, operating business value, art or jewellery collections, vehicles, timesharing assets, private lending assets, patents, or anything that constitutes our client’s wealth, assets, or investments.

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